Access control

There are 2 situations here, first, whether you would like the system to assign permissions according to the individuality of people or according to the roles they are playing in the restaurant.

You can choose “Use Employee Permissions” if you want to grant permission to people according to their individual responsibility.

“Use Permission Of Employee Role” enables you to assign permissions to entire departments because people belonging to particular departments would basically be playing more or less the same roles. So their extent of system access would necessarily be the same.

You can assign permissions right here, using “Employee Permission” and “Employee Role Permission” buttons. The Set Employee permission button helps you assign permissions name-wise while the Set Employee Role permission allows rights, role-wise.

Customer Logo Setting:

Here, you can select a customer logo which will be displayed in login form near the credential inputs. You can select new logo of a reseller with “Select New Logo” button. After that system prompts for an administrator password, then you can update the new logo. If you don’t want to display the new logo, the default logo of POSsible will be displayed, for change this you can use “Set Default Logo” button.

Clear Log Entry:

Here, you can remove log entry with “Clear Log” button. The system will remove these logs which satisfied above the condition of Station Id, Employee, Date ranges. If you want to clear all logs up to now, Press “Clear All Log”. So, the system removes all logs.

Import / Export Auto Generated Gift Card Number:

Here, you can export and import .csv files, that contains auto-generated gift card number that is generated by particular software namely “Auto Generated Gift Card Number”.

Do not forget to click on “Update” button once you are done with your changes.

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 store setup access control 2

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