Add/Set Store

“Add / Set Store” helps you to create the new store and set current store from existing store list.For this access, you must have administrator permission. Without permission, you can not add a store or set current store.

After clicking on the  “Add / Set Store” button the permission form will be open, and you have to enter correct administrator password then and only then you will access.

After entering correct password you are eligible to do work on store setup.

For deleting existing store, select the specific store ID and click on “Delete” button.For changing email ID of current store click on “Change Email” button.For adding new store click on “Add” button.

After entered new store ID hit on “Enter” button so the new store will be created and it’s shown on the list of store ID.You can see the result new store will be displayed in the list.


From existing list, a select store which you want to set as current. On click of “Set As Current Store,” the confirmation form will be open.

If you will click on “Yes” then your current store will be changed. and click on “No” your store remain same.Click on “Yes” button you can see the result. Current store will be changed as 1002 from 1001.


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