Allergy Setup

To add, change, or delete allergies from the system, navigate to the Allergy Setup via this path:

Store Tab -> Store Setup -> Item/PLU Tab -> Allergy Setup (Under Item/PLU General Settings)

Add New Allergies & Allergy Values

  1. Check Allow for Customers and Allow for Item/PLU.
  2. Once in Allergy Setup, click the Add Allergy button.
  3. Enter an Allergy Description – this would be the allergy-causing ingredient. (e.g. peanuts, eggs, milk, etc.). Press Enter.
  4. Click the Allergy Value button.
  5. Enter an Allergy Value – this would be precautionary statements relative to the allergy-causing ingredient (e.g. “handled around”, “may contain”, processed in a facility that also processes”.

To CHANGE an Allergy/Allergy Value – Highlight the allergy/value, press the red Change Allergy/Value button, edit and hit Enter.

To DELETE an Allergy/Allergy Value – Highlight the allergy/value, press the black Delete Allergy/Value button.

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