This master can be used to create any new category or update any existing category. It is the top name in the hierarchy and applies to either Inventory or Employee Department.

Click this button to add a new category. Click on ‘Add’ button, enter a unique ‘Category ID’ and enter a name of the category under ‘Description’.
Click this button  to update the category description. To change any description of the category, select the specific category using navigation buttons, make your changes, then click the ‘Update’ button to save changes.
This button helps to delete category permanently. To Delete particular category, first, you have to select it using navigation buttons and click on ‘Delete’ button.
category-arrows These buttons are used to navigate all category which exists in ‘Category Maintenance’.
This button helps to get any help related to this master. When you click on this button, help file will open.
This button helps to exit from the ‘Category Maintenance’ window
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