Credit Card Add Tips

This button helps to give the tip or modify tip on selected invoice. When you click on this button, below screen will open.

This window will display the list of that invoice which either full payment or half payment is given using the credit card. As you see in above screen, left bottom corner has to option to search invoice using invoice number. To select specific invoice either double click on that invoice from the grid or just select that invoice from the grid and click on ‘Select’ button.

If selected invoice has no. of the split then select split window will open(As shown below) to select specific invoice split to give the tip on selected invoice split.

When buttons colors become black, that indicate that is currently selected.

When buttons colors become maroon, that indicate that invoice split is not close. Cashier not getting payment for that invoice split as well as currently not in selection.

When button colors become green, that indicate that invoice split is paid but not currently selected by the cashier.

This button helps to navigate split of currently selected invoice. When no. of the split is more than the window size, then we can navigate and select particular split.

Select no. of split for which you getting a tip, as shown above, screen, and click on ‘Add Tip’ button. When you click on ‘Add Tip’ button, below screen will open.

You can enter tip amount and click on ‘OK’ button, tip applies successfully.

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