Credit Card Settelement

This button helps to settle credit card batch. To perform batch settlement, first you have to close all On-Hold invoice for that batch otherwise system will prompt below validation message.

Click on ‘OK’ button, and go to close all on hold invoice and try again to perform credit card batch settlement process. Once you close all on-hold invoice and click on this button, below screen will open.

This window gives details of invoice which paid using credit card. it gives information like Invoice No, Split No, Total Amount, Tip Amount etc. Click on ‘Apply Changes’ button to apply tip on card. If Tip Amount named column has no value then message will open as below.

If you want to set by default ‘Zero’ as tip amount of invoice for those invoice on which cashier not getting tip, you have to follow this path.

Back Office -> Store -> Store Setup -> Invoice Settings -> ‘Batch Settlement Tip Amount Setting’  panel has setting like Blank Tip Amount. If you select check box then Tip Amount column has no value for those invoice on which we are not getting any tip or if you deselect that option then by default set zero value as tip amount for those invoice on which we are not getting tip.

When you set tip amount for all invoice, and click on ‘Apply Changes’ button then Tip changes apply on invoice as well as credit card batch. Once tip apply successfully, then system will prompt question box for credit card batch settlement. Click on ‘Yes’ to perform settlement process.

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