Customer Loyalty


The Customer Loyalty section allows you to provide an inventory item or gift card as a bonus to loyal customers. In Customer Loyalty you can add, delete, and update loyalty incentives and loyalty plans.


Here, we have two options to give loyalty to the customers:

  • Loyalty Incentive – these are rewards that your customer can redeem after reaching a set number of points
  • Loyalty Plan – this is where you combine pre-created loyalty incentives to create a loyalty plan


Loyalty Incentives

Add a Loyalty Incentive

  1. Press Add in the Loyalty Incentives window.
  2. Enter a description, and the amount of points to earn before receiving a reward.
  3. Now you must choose between Free Gift Card, and Item/PLU:
    • Free Gift Card – Enter the Gift Card Value.
    • Free Item/PLU – Enter the Item Code or select from the inventory by pressing Select Item. Enter a quantity.

– To add details like loyalty description, bonus point in a number of that customer will be able to get this incentive and also choose the option of reward. There are two options for reward.

1. Free Gift-Card:

       By default gift card selected, it will be $5.00 price as an incentive bonus, you can update this price of the gift card.

2. Inventory Item:  

       You have to select inventory item radio button from the selection. After that using “Select Item” button, you can select inventory item as an incentive bonus. you can set the price for the inventory item. if you want to give free item then put zero price in price textbox.

– Here, you have an option for apply tax & apply child item of inventory as a free item.

– To save the loyalty incentive details, press “Save” button.

– To update loyalty incentives, select specific loyalty incentives using navigation arrow buttons  and make changes that you want and click on “Update” button to save changes in the system.

– You can also have left & right navigation option to select other loyalty incentives.

you also can update the incentive using ‘Update’ button.

– To delete any loyalty incentives, select specific loyalty incentives that you want to delete using navigation arrow buttons and click on “Delete” button.

2. Loyalty Plan:

You can add new loyalty plan, as well as update and delete the existing plan.

– Press Add” button, to add new loyalty plan. Enter name for loyalty plan, after that you can add incentives in this plan. You have to click on “Save” button to save details in the system.

– After saving, select the created loyalty plan. Press “Add existing Incentive” button to add incentive to this plan. You can also add one or more incentive selecting one by one.

– For remove existing incentive, press “Remove Incentive” button.

Prompt:  Select prompt that prompts the incentive bonus at the time of invoice transaction, if the customer will be able to get this incentive. To save the loyalty plan changes, you have to click on “Update” button.

Result-:  When you select customer which have satisfied bonus points, the system will prompt for free gift card & after click “OK” button you have to enter gift card number. then, the customer gets a free gift card in the invoice.

When you select customer which have satisfied bonus points, the system will prompt for free or discounted inventory item  and after that click the “Yes” button and the customer get free or discounted inventory item in the invoice. 

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