The Customers button will launch the Customer Maintenance window. From here you can add new customers, or update customer information (general info, account info, shipping/billing, history, allergies, etc.).

  • General Info – Add/Edit general information like Customer Name, E-mail Address, Company Name, Phone Number, Address, Customer Birthday, and Loyalty Plan assignment.
  • Account Info – Here you can set up a House Account. This feature allows users to close POS orders out  during a business day as “paid” for Sales Reporting purposes while deferring the order(s) towards the “Outstanding Balance” of an account on the backend. From the backend, the user can create invoices to send to their customers for the orders placed.
  • Shipping/Billing – Shipping and Billing information is primarily used by restaurants that do delivery.
  • History – Here you can see the transaction history for the selected customer.
  • Notes – Add miscellaneous customer information here.
  • Allergy – If a customer has an allergy, you can add/update that information here. Click here for instructions on adding a new allergy.
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