Deliver Button 01

From the ‘Delivery’ screen you can take phone orders, place delivery orders, and track / manage deliveries.


1. Click ‘New’ to start a new delivery order.

2. The ‘Select Customer’ window will open, showing a list of stored customers (shown below). Select any customer then click on “Select” button.
NOTE:  To add a new customer, please follow the steps under ‘Add Customer’.

3. The Quick Order screen will appear and you can begin inputting a delivery order for the selected customer. After taking the order, click on ‘Send to Kitchen’ button.

4. The system will ask for a delivery time. Set the estimated delivery time of order.

 5. Your newly created delivery order is now visible on the Delivery screen, as shown below.



Clicking the ‘Delivery Tracking’ button will open the window shown below. Here you can see details of all orders that have not yet been delivered.

Edit Order - Status Prompt

‘Edit Order Status’ – Allows you to edit status of an order. It opens the window shown to the right, which gives you different options to set. 

‘Show Order’  – To view the order of customer then click on ‘Show Order’ button. You will be redirected to the Quick Order tab where you can see an order list of customers.

 ‘Allocate Driver’  Assign specific drivers to each order.

 ‘Print Delivery Labels For Order’  Prints customer information and addresses as well as the delivery date and time for the selected order.

‘Dispatch – Change the order status to ‘On the way’.

 Arrive – Allows you to complete the delivery transaction once the driver returns from delivering the order successfully. It will move you to the Quick Order window for payment. Click on payment to complete transaction.


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