The Departments section allows you to add, update, or delete departments. Departments are second in hierarchy (i.e. Category > Departments).


Click this button to add a new department. Choose the ‘Category‘ under which you want to add a new department. Enter a unique Department ID and a Department Name, and select a department type (Inventory or Employee Department). Departments under Inventory will display on your menu by default. ‘Text on Receipt section allows you to add fixed text to a receipt every time it is printed.

Click this button to make changes to an existing department. To make change to a department, select it using the navigation buttons, make the changes, and click on ‘Update‘ to save.

Click this button to delete a department. to delete a department, select it using the navigation buttons and click the ‘Delete‘ button.

Click this button to create a copy of a department. To make a copy of a department,  select it using the navigation buttons and click on Copy Department button. Copying a department can be helpful when you need to create several departments with identical Category, department type, and related options.

Click this button to search departments. When you click this button, the below screen will open. You can either search via the drop down menus or by typing in the text fields.


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