Employee Role


The Employee Role Section allows you to manage employee role settings, and add, update, and delete employee roles.


Add a New Employee Role

  1. In the Employee Role window, press Add.
  2. Fill in the Role Code, Employee Role, and Default Wages.
  3. Choose the functions that you want the employee to have access to via the checkboxes on the right.
  4. Press Save. (Note: Role permissions can only be set once you’ve saved the new employee)

Set Role Permissions

  1. In the Employee Role window, select the employee role in the drop down menu or by navigating with the left and right arrows.
  2. Press Role Permissions.
  3. In the Employee Role Permissions window you can manually select permissions per employee role, or you can use the built-in default settings:
    • The Set Default Server Permission button will automatically set permissions applicable to most servers/cashiers.
    • The Manager checkbox in the top menu will check all manager permissions.
    • NOTE: Checkboxes in the Prompt column will enable/disable prompts that request managerial permission to proceed with the associated task.
  • To UPDATE an employee role, select an employee role using the dropdown menu or the navigational arrows, make your desired changes and then click on Update button to save changes that you made.
  • To DELETE an employee role, select an employee role using the dropdown menu or the navigational arrows, and click on Delete button to delete the employee role.
    NOTE: You cannot delete an employee role if it has already been assigned to existing employees.

For information on Adding a New Employeeclick here: Employees

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