History of Sales

History of Sales shows the sale history of any item you select. History of Sales can be found in Inventory Maintenance. To navigate to History of Sales, follow this path:

Back Office -> Masters -> Inventory -> History of Sales (located in the left menu)


How to View Total Sales Per Item:

  1. Click the magnifying glass located under the ‘Find Item by Code’ search bar.
  2. The ‘Search Inventory’ window will pop up (shown below). Here you can filter your search through the Category, Department, and Vendor drop-down menus, or  through Item Type located in the top-navigation. You can also filter by typing in the search fields (e.g. Item #, Description, Cost, etc.).search-inventory
  3. Choose an item, and either double-click, or press ‘Select’. This will return you to the ‘Inventory Maintenance’ screen (shown below), where you can now see your selected item(s) and its sale history.
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