Invoice Setting

Invoice settings allows you to perform a large number of actions on the invoices that get printed at different areas of your store.

1. Combine items: Clicking this check-box allows you save space in your invoice. No matter how many times your customer orders the same item, this function would help you include all of them in one line.

2. Round Invoice: Enabling this function would allow you to round off the invoice amount to the selected amount. You can round off your invoice, before handing it over to your customer.

3. Delivery Charge: This allows you to decide on delivery charges that you would be charging your customer. Once you enter an amount in this box and update it, the delivery charge would be displayed on the invoice.

4. Exception Log For: This portion allows your system to keep a record of functions that are not generally performed. This includes 2 things, “Line Item Discounts” and “Open cash Drawer without Sale”. Line Item Discounts enables the cashier to give discounts on items, which are otherwise not discountable in the system. Cash drawer generally opens when a sale is performed. if however, there is a need to open the cash drawer without selling, the second option would be used.

5. Round Cash Transaction: This function enables you to round off the cash payed by the customer to the nearest value as stated in the options.

6. Line Discount Prompt: This option helps the system to ask or not for a reason code when cashier give discount at the time of taking order from customer.

7. Reasons: This section contains a button namely “Reason Codes”, when clicked on this button below screen will be opened to add and remove reason codes.

– Addding Reason Code:

1. Select the Reason Code Type value from dropdown and enter a unique code in the textbox and click on “Add” button.

– Deleting Reason Code:

1. Select the Reason Code Type from dropdown and reason code form listbox that you want to delete from system, click on “Remove” button.

8. Offers & Discounts: If selected, than customer will get the benefits of offers & discounts on inventory item specified in Offers & discount module.

9. Customer Price Lookup: Clicking this checkbox, If you set any special price for any particular customer under Customer Specific Item Prices, then at the time of generating invoice minimum price will be charged after comparing specific item price and  customer specific item price.

10. Allergy Item setting: Clicking this checkbox used the all allergy settings at the time of generating invoice.

11. Default Loyalty Plan: Use the dropdown to select one of the Loyalty Plans created. Whatever is selected here will be the loyalty plan assigned to each new customer created.

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