The Inventory section has various sub-sections to help you manage, add, and edit your inventory details.inventory-maintenance-window


“Add” button is used to add new inventory item in a selected department other details like preferences, allergy, modifiers, price levels, discount etc.

  • Select an inventory department by using the drop-down menu named Select Department.
  • Fill in all the required Item details, plus any additional details under General Preferences.
  • When all item details are entered, press “Save“.


Click this button to make changes to an existing department. To make change to a department, select a department using the navigation buttons, make the changes, and click on ‘Update‘ to save


Click this button to delete an inventory item from the selected department. To delete a department, select a department using the navigation buttons, and click on ‘Delete


Copy Current Inventory button is used to copy all details of the selected inventory. It is the quickest way to add new inventory with minimal changes.


Ad-Hoc PO button is useful to calculate the cost of selected item using the previous and new price and quantity of an item for a preferred vendor. This button works only when “Average Cost Method” is enabled in the Inventory tab of the Store section in Store Setup


Click this button to exit from the Inventory Maintenance screen.To learn more about the Inventory Maintenance sub-sections, follow the links below:



Long Description

Force Modifiers

Price Levels

Vendors and Ordering

Discount Pricing

History Of Sales



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