Login Screen – Retail

To install the software onto your system, please follow the steps in the POSsible POS Installation Guide.

Once the installation is complete, a log-in screen, exactly like the one below will be displayed.

You can login into the system using either ‘ID/Password’ option or ‘Employee Card’ option:

ID/Password: Log into the system by entering your ID and password. You can use the default credentials for logging into the system for the first time, but for security reasons, we recommend that you change your numeric user ID and password to something that is unique and memorable to you. Login credentials must be numeric. 

Employee Card: To log in with an issued employee card, you can either swipe the card or manually type the employee card number. When you click on the ‘Employee Card’ button, a window (as shown in the lower-right figure) will appear and you can enter or swipe your employee card.

After entering fields values click on the ‘Submit button. 

Clock in & out using an ID or Employee Card

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