The Modifier Section in Back Office allows you to Add, Update, and Delete Modifier Items/Groups.

  • Modifier Items are used to describe Order Items (e.g. “no ketchup”, “extra spicy”, “light dressing”).
  • Modifier Groups allow you to easily group modifier items together. (EXAMPLE BELOW: if you have ‘Extra Spicy’, ‘Mild Spicy’, and ‘No Spicy’ as Modifier Items, you can group them into a ‘Spice Level’ modifier group.)


Add a Modifier Item

  1. In the Modifier window, press Add, then press Modifier Item.
  2. Select the department that you want the Modifier Item to appear under.
    (e.g. If you add ‘Sprinkles’ to the ‘Dessert’ Department, then Sprinkles will show as a ModItem for all Order Items in the Dessert Department).
  3. Fill in the required information. Press Save.

Add a Modifier Group

  1. In the Modifier window, press Add, then press Modifier Group.
  2. Select the department that you want the Modifier Group to apply to.
  3. Fill in the required information.
    If you’re not ready to add Modifier Items within the Modifier Group, then press Save.
  4. To Insert Modifier Items press the Insert Modifier button.
  5. A full list of previously added Modifier Items will launch. Select all the Items that you would like to add to the Group, and press Select. You can navigate pages using the arrows, or type in the search field.
  6. Your Modifier Items will be visible in the Modifier window list. Press Update and Exit.
  7. For Instructions on how to Add a Modifier Group to an Order Item, refer to instruction #4: Force Modifiers
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