When you click on the ‘Modifier‘ button, the below window will pop up, where you can select which modifier you want to add for the selected item.


The left portion of the window has two panels –

1) Invoice Items – Displays all main items that have been added to your order. To navigate items, you can use the navigation buttons located above the Invoice Items list.

2) Modifier Items – Displays modifier items that you select from the Modifier screen. To navigate modifiers, you can use the navigation buttons located above the Modifier Items list.

 The top header portion of the window has two panels –

1) The first panel contains various buttons like ‘No’,’Add’,’Extra’,’Double’,’Light’, which help to add item descriptions for the kitchen.

2) The second panel contains three buttons to filter the displayed modifiers: ‘All Items’,’Topping Items’,’Most Popular Items’

  • All Items – Displays all modifier items. *Learn how to add modifiers to the system here – Modifier
  • Topping Items – Displays all topping items.*Learn how to add toppings to the system here – Topping
  • Most Popular Items – Displays most popular items. Popular items can be selected using the Modifier Tool. Learn more here – Modifier

The center portion of window panel has an alphabetized keyboard –

– You can use this the alphabetized keyboard to filter and search for modifiers.

 The right portion of the window has one panel –

– Here you can filter modifiers by department. To navigate departments, you can use navigation buttons which are placed in the right bottom corner of the window.

Once you are done with the changes, click on ‘Done’ to save them, and you can see the changes in your current invoice.

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