Open Orders

The ‘Open Orders‘ screen shows all the tickets that are currently open.

  • Green – invoices started by the server or cashier
  • Red – invoices are started by other servers or cashiers

Clicking orders in green will open the order. Orders started by other servers, in red, must be set to be able to open by other users in the Back Office.

From the ‘Open Orders’ screen, you can also start a new order by pressing ‘New’.

Start a New Order with Pre-Authorizationpreauth

  1. If your system is set to prompt for Pre-Authorization, a window (shown right) will pop-up. Enter the pre-auth amount and hit ‘OK‘.
  2. Either enter the card information manually, or swipe the card.
  3. Finish adding the new order by following the steps below.

Start a New Order

  1. Enter the customer name, and press ‘Enter‘.
  2. This will take you to the order screen where you can begin taking the new order.
  3. Once you ‘Send to the Kitchen‘, the new order will be visible in the ‘Open Orders’ screen.

You can also search through your open invoices. When you click ‘Search‘ the ‘Invoice List‘ window will open, and you can search by invoice number or customer name. Double-click any of the listed invoices, or highlight and hit ‘Select‘, to open the associated order screen.

For further reference, please refer  POS Screen.


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