Payment Processing

This tab has two subsections,

1. Other Options

2. Tips


Floor charge amount: The minimum bill amount that is mandatory for making a credit card transaction. Below that amount, other modes of payment will be acceptable.

Pre-Authorize Credit Cards(Bar Tabs) for $ : Mandates the payment of a particular amount before starting a round(specific to bar tabs)

Force Preset Amount: Mandates the payment of the amount that has been present in the system before starting a round

Use amount as suggested: Gives the liberty to make modifications in the preset amount before starting the rounds.

When starting a new tab, you might choose to instruct the system not to put up any prompt, or to ask for advance table payment of the specified pre-authentication amount.

Similarly, when the pre-paid amount has been utilized, and it is now time to start a new round, you might again instruct the system to do nothing or pop out prompts for payments to be made for the next round.

 When ‘Perform Batch Settlement on End of Day’ the restaurant’s account is not immediately credited. The system allows you the liberty to choose as to when exactly do you want your settlements to be made, whether in batches at the end of the day when all orders are complete and its time to close down, or after each order is closed.

Gift Card Bonus Setup:This is used to provide bonus on gift card when certain amount issued or reload on gift card.Condition Amount-The amount entered here is considered as a condition amount for checking is gift card is eligible for bonus based on reloaded amount or issued amount.Bonus (%)-The bonus percentage is used to calculate the amount of bonus based on entered condition amount.



Tips – Tip related settings are available under this tab.

Print Tip Line On CC Orders: This option is used to enable or disable the tip line to be printed on CC orders.

Enter Tip Out: Percentage entered here is used to distribute tip among employees based on tip out %. For example a Bar tender can distribute the tip between her helpers.

Select Tip out Type: There are two options available for tip distribution among helpers.

Each:  Each helper will receive the tip out percentage (i.e. 10% each would be $10 to each from total $100 tip. Means if there are 2 helpers then $20 will be distributed)

Distribute: The tip out % will be distributed among the helpers (i.e. if a cashier receives $100 as tip under 10% tip out setting, and  ‘Distribute’ method is used for tip out and there are 2 helpers then each helper will receive only $5 as tip and Bar tender will keep $90 with  him).

Select Tip Out On:This option is used to calculate tip out amount based on selected option. There are two options.

On Net Sell: If selected this option for Tip out then tip amount is calculated based on the Net sell [This is not recommended or can be used where Tip is mandatory as certain % of sales amount].

On Tip Received-If this option is selected then tip out amount is calculated on actual tip received.

Current Station Orders Button in Apply Tip Module: If yes option is selected then Apply tip screen will display orders of current station only otherwise orders from all stations will be displayed on the apply tip screen.

Select CC Tip Withholding: This option is used by restaurant management to reserve certain amount of tip based on entered Tip withholding (%). This amount will be used by restaurant for their use instead of distributing it among employees.


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