When the customer finally finishes and needs to make a payment, use the ‘Pay’ button from POS screen. According to the splits, you have made, Based on setting either the system will ask you whether you want to close all the splits or one of them . Select specific split and click on ‘Select’ button. When Cashier clicks on this button, below screen will open. (If invoice has no split then when cashier clicks on payment then also below screen will open.)

As you can see in above window, the right side of the window has some buttons in black color, which helps to cashier as a shortcut of cash payment. The cashier can make it visible or invisible based on the setting which giving in Station Setup.

Cashier can find this setting by following this path: BackOffice -> Station -> Station Setup -> Quick Invoicing & Alert -> Common Amount Buttons

The system will allow the customer to pay using different payment mode as well as using multiple payment modes, as shown below.

Click on the mode of payment and the system will present options accordingly.

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