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An order has been paid for but needs to be modified

  • Press the Check Operation button on the sales screen. Next go to Cashier Function, and then Pullback.
  • Provide the employee ID number of the employee that took the order and the order number that needs to be modified.
  • The Pullback option allows you to reopen past orders, modify, and change the payment type if a wrong payment was collected.
  • Once you Pullback an order, it cannot be deleted or voided.
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How do I add tips onto credit card transactions?

  • In the Sales Screen go to the Check Operations tab, then go to Credit Card Tips
  • There will be a list of credit card transactions where tips can be applied
  • Pressing Apply Tips will add the tips to the transactions
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How do I void a transaction for an accidental order?

  • To void a transaction, click on Recall Order if it was paid or, if not click on Recall on Hold Order if it hasn’t been paid yet on the sales screen to select which order to void.
  • The customer needs to provide which order number to be voided.
  • After inputting Void Transaction, press the button for the reason why, and whether or not a void receipt is needed.
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Who are we?

We make it POSsible for you to perform tons of business-enhancing functions that offer efficiency, added customer-service and user-friendly operations, allowing your business to run more effectively.

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