This section helps in determining preferences related to any particular inventory item.

  1. Age Verification ID 1 & 2 – Used when an item requires age verification for purchase.
    • To assign ages to Age Verification ID levels 1 & 2, you will have to enter ages in the back office settings:
      Back Office -> Store -> Store Setup -> Inventory -> Non birthday Prompt Message
      *Remember to press ‘Update‘ to save changes made in the Store Setup window.
  2. Inventory Item & Modifier Item – Used when determining whether or not an item is to be displayed in the menu as a chargeable extra, or a free add-on.
  3. Bonus Points – If you want to set bonus points on the specific item, enter a bonus points value in the text box.
  4. Not in Loyalty Plan – If this option is checked off, then the current inventory can be set in Loyalty Plan.
  5. Tax By Destination – This section determines the tax percentage that will be charged for the selected item for a specific station.
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