Printer Setup

This window helps you configure your printer type and relate it to any hardware present at your outlet. So whenever you request for that particular type of print, you can enter the physical copy at the related printer.

As an example,You have departmentalize your kitchen area into 2 parts, and you want your orders to be communicated to these departments. All you have to do is:

 1. Select a printer type (here, kitchen printer). If you do not already have it in the list, click on “Add Printer Type” Write the name of the printer and press enter.

2. When you are done, select the hardware that you would like the printer type to be connected to.

3. Click on “Save”.

4. Now, specifically, for a kitchen,(since this software is meant for restaurants), you will have to go back to inventory, select an item. go to printers and select the printer. That would ensure the communication of orders directly into the kitchen, where that inventory item is made. Order for a pizza would be sent to the pizza kitchen, for instance.

5. You can delete a printer type by using “Delete Printer Type” button.

6. Use “Save and Exit” to save your changes and go back.


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