Quick Invoice

This section helps you in quickening the invoicing process.

1. The “Common Amount Button” helps the cashier in quickly selecting from the few commonly tendered $ bills. This erases the necessity of using the keypad to manually enter in the amount that the customer has given.

2. The “Cash on entering” button helps in accepting only cash, on hitting the “Enter” button. If the mode of payment is something else, the cashier can select from the given options, but if it is cash, there is no need to go down the screen and click on the select button. Just an enter would do.

3. The option to “Use Cash Alerts” helps you in determining the level till which the cash drawer would accept cash. Beyond that, you would have to transfer the cash to a safe place. This feature is actually very useful because it is a precaution against burglary. In case, things turn bad, the losses would be minimal because the major amount would have been transferred to some safe location.  

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