The receipt section is the place where you control all your receipt settings.

1. Print Amount Saved: This feature is useful when there is a discount going on, and you wish to tell your customer, the benefit he/she is in, by buying an item. So when the customer saves 30% on the plate of salad, your receipt says it clearly, if you have selected the positive option in this window.

 2. Print Account Balance: This option enables you to print the balance amount in the account of customers who are regular consumers and have an account running the restaurant.

 3. Print Extra Copy of On-Account Receipts: If checked, then the system will print extra Restaurant Copy when On Account transaction occurs.

4. Print Department Notes On Receipts: If checked, then the particular item’s department notes will be printed on receipts. If invoice has multiple department items, then it will print all department notes on receipts as per the Department master setting.

5. Print Paid Status Kitchen Receipts: If checked, then invoice Paid or Unpaid status will be printed on kitchen receipts.

 6. Print Customer Info: This option helps system to print details on a receipt as per your selection.

 7. Print Modifiers on Receipt: This option helps the system to print extra’s on the receipt, separately.

 8. Display section separator:  This option helps the system to induce a line width gap between the various sections in the receipt, separated by lines created by equal signs.

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