Restaurant features

There is 2 sub-tab in the Restaurant Features

1. Functionality

2. Delivery


a. “Display in Menu” enables the system to display any new item added to the menu.

b. “Substitute Second Description to Kitchen Printer” clicking, it allows you to print item description rather than single item name print on kitchen receipt.

c. “Allow Standalone Modifiers” allows the system to present individual modifier items in the menu, apart from modifiers that belong to a particular modifier category.

d. “Auto Increment Key Field for Inventory items” generates key code for items and modifiers whenever you add a new inventory item.

e. “Auto Generate Employee Key” generates the key for employee ID whenever you add a new employee to your system.

f.  “Auto Generate Vendor key” generates a key for vendor ID whenever you add the new vendor to the system.

g. ”Auto Generate customer key” generates a key for customer ID whenever you add a new customer to your system.

 The delivery window gives you the option to deliver on a FIFO basis or follow deadline promised while delivering items to customers.

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