Screen Configuration

This window helps you to configure the screen, as would be displayed, for each individual station

This place shows the way, a screen would look at a station. Now, each station might have different requirements. Hence, the screen has to be personalized to take care of order processes more easily and in a less time-consuming manner. There are two different sections, wherein you can make the desired changes, the POS screen, and the Menu. We will talk about the POS screen first.This screen would allow you to add dynamic buttons, things like shortcuts of functions, that would frequently need to be performed. For adding a function shortcut to the POS screen,

1. Click on the “Dynamic Button”, at the position of which you would like to introduce the shortcut.

2. From the “Select this button’s Function” drop-down, select the function shortcut that has to be placed.

3. Name a Caption that is to be displayed on the button and click the check-box of “Show This Button” if you want the function to be displayed on your POS screen.

4. You may also add a picture as a descriptive to the function name. Additionally, you would also be allowed to select a particular color for the function button.

The Screen Configuration window also allows you to tweak the menu according to any special occasion or any discount period that is approaching your way. You have to use the “Schedule” button for this purpose. For instructing the system about the intended days, when a different menu will be displayed, you have to follow these steps:

1. Click on “Configure Schedules”. If you do not have a menu ready, for allocating for a particular day, you got to add a menu. So click on “Add” button.

2. Once you do that, you would be asked which menu to clone, or copy. Select the menu  that you wish to copy off. You would be directed back to the previous window.

3 Write down a specific description, possibly the name of the menu or the day. Tick in the checkboxes, depending upon what is the day you are introducing this menu for. It could be a special event or it could be a range of a few days. It could be both if there is a festival running for a specific time duration. Fill in the start date and end date to specify the number of days, when this menu would be applicable at the station you are working for.

4. If it is just a ‘one day’ special, applicable for any day of the week repeatedly, you would have to select the day and reset the time for which the offer or special menu is applicable. According to your convenience, you might use either the “Add Time” or the “Reset Time” button.

5. Once done, save the changes you have made.

6. Alternatively, if you already have a menu at hand, and just want to change the time specifications when it would be applicable. Click on “Update” button, make the necessary changes and click on “Save” button to save changes.

Now, what if you need to make a few changes in the items of the menu that you just choose for the day? You can do it by using the “Schedule Setting” button.

1. Click on “Schedule Setting” and select the menu, for which you want to change the item display.

2. You would be directed to the “Menu” tab. Here comes the function of the second screen of ‘Screen configuration’.

You use this screen, basically to instruct the system about which items are supposed to be displayed on the menu, for the date that you earlier selected. Additionally, you can add images for each particular cuisine item. Follow these steps:

1. Select the department, items for which are to be hidden or displayed. Tick the checkbox, asking whether to “Display Department On Touch Screen” or not. Remember, if you choose not to display it, an entire department would be hidden from the menu. For hiding a few items in the selected department, use the “Display Item On Touch Screen” window.

2. Select the item under the department. and click on the check box if you need the item to be displayed.

3. You have the choice to change the color in which these items would be displayed on the screen.

4. To save changes, click on “Save” button.

The “Copy Station Schedule” button is used to copy an already existing menu schedule from another station, where it is already served.

The “Inventory Maintenance” button would direct you to the ‘Inventory Maintenance’ section.

To save your work and leave the screen, click on “Save &  Exit” button.

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