Split Order

Set the split order setting, follow this path:

1) Back Office -> Store -> Store Setup -> System Access -> Access  – find ‘Is Split Payment?’ setting block.

In that setting block, you have three options:

a) Yes: If you choose this option, then whenever you click on the ‘Pay button on the POS Screen, the system will open the Split Order screen.

b) No: If you choose this option, the split order function will not be available.

c) Prompt: If you choose this option, you will find a Split button in the Payment screen as shown below.

If you select ‘Yes‘ or ‘Prompt‘ under the ‘Is Split Payment’ setting block, then the system will open the below screen to  further process the order/transaction.

Three Ways to Split an Order:

1) Split Evenly

This button helps you to split the order by any number that you specify.

a) When you click on ‘Split Evenly‘ the screen below will pop up, which asks you a number of even splits you want to do.

b) Enter a value for the number of splits, and click OK.

2) Split By Guest

This button allows you to split an order by guest number.

a) To use this function, the system must be set to ‘Order By Guest‘. To enable this feature, follow this path:

Back Office -> Station -> Station Setup -> Restaurant Features -> Locate Order By Guest

b) Select one of three options:

  • No – You will not be prompted to select a Guest Number and cannot use the Split By Guest function.split-by-guest2
  • Prompt – The prompt (shown below) will pop up after selecting an item for order, asking to specify the Guest Number.
  • Yes – You must select the Guest Number in the upper-right corner of the Order Screen before selecting an item for order (shown right).

c) Once orders are assigned to each guest, hit ‘Pay‘, and select ‘Split By Guest‘. You will see that each item has been allocated by its specified Guest Number.

3) Split By Item

a) To split by item, select the item from one list and click on the list in which you want to put.

b) Afterwards, click Done‘ and the window below will open.

– ‘Hold‘ – put an order on hold.

– ‘Check‘ – test and print an order

– ‘End Transaction‘ – take payment and close an order/invoice.

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