The Left Panel


The left panel is meant to perform order related tasks pertaining to the selected item.

This button deletes a selected item from the invoice.
The system will launch a prompt asking the quantity you would like to delete, enter the value and click on ‘OK’ to delete that many items from the invoice.
*NOTE: an item cannot be deleted from the invoice once it has been sent to the kitchen.

  This button is used to change the quantity of the selected item.

 This button is used to give the discount on the selected item.
  This button is used to  modify the price of the selected item.
   This button is used to reorder the selected item.
   This button helps in transferring the table or the server according to your need.
 This button is used to cancel an item from the order.

If Reasons are not set up in the Back Office, then the ‘Void Item’ button will simply void the item.

To enable/edit void reasons (reason prompt shown below) follow this path:  BackOffice -> Store -> Store Setup -> Invoice Settings -> ‘Reasons’ panel


When you void an item or invoice, you will be prompted with an option to send a void notice to the kitchen.


 When a cashier clicks on this button, a question box (shown right) will prompt.2016-09-22-4

‘Current Item’ – This button helps to give the only current item as a complimentary.

‘Whole Invoice’ – This button helps to make current whole invoice as a complimentary.

After selecting one of the options, if the system has reason code for this operation, then ‘Select Reason’ window will open otherwise not. If you want to set reason code for Complimentary, follow this path:  BackOffice->Store -> Store Setup -> Invoice Settings -> ‘Reasons’ panel.

‘Cancel’ button cancels this operation.

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