To Go

To Go button 02

 The ‘To Go’ screen enables the user to enter and manage takeaway orders. Follow these steps to add a to-go order:

Place a New To-Go Order

1. After clicking the ‘To Go’ button in the right menu, click ‘New’ to start a new to-go order.

To Go 01

2. Next, enter the customer’s name in the pop-up prompt (shown below) and hit ‘Enter’. This will take you to the order screen where you can begin the To-Go order.

To Go 02

3. After adding your order items, you may return to the To Go screen through any of the following actions (accessible in the bottom-left menu):  Send to Kitchen, Hold, Void (cancels order), Pay (completes order and clears it from the To Go screen).

To Go 03

For further information about placing a new order and completing it, please refer POS Screen.

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