System Access

The System Access tab has 2 sub tab namely, “Access” and “Time Clock”.


1. “Login Method” helps you in determining the access method that you wish to entitle your employees to. You might either choose to allow your staff to access the system through their unique ID’s and passwords, or alternatively, you might want them to gain access through swiping their cards.


2. Clock out time would print a label when a staff ends his/her shift. Alternatively, you might also want your staff to close their open orders before they end their shifts. For that purpose, tick the check-box against “Require all On-Hold Invoices and Tables To Be Closed Before Glock out”.


3. Change Date Format section allows you to set date format as per your preference. Whatever option you select from given options, selected date format will be applied in the whole system.


4. Auto Backup Setting section provides setting to take auto backup of a database. Auto Backup functionality run on based off system settings. The system provides three different options to take an auto backup like ‘Daily’, ‘Weekly’ and ‘Monthly’.

– “No. of daily backup file”, “No. of weekly backup file” and “No. of Monthly backup file” labels asked you accordingly your selection to store totals number of files will store in folders. Enter numeric value which considers a number of days backup files can be stored in the folder. If you enter 0 as value, then folder doesn’t store any backup file in the folder.

– Based on your backup option selection, you have to set value for Backup Time, Backup Day and Backup Date.  

– When you installed POSsiblePOS on your system, at that time POSsiblePOS Folder will be created with some other sub-folders and files in a drive where you install POSsiblePOS. There is one subfolder namely “AutoBackup” folder, where system stores our auto backup files. (For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\POSsiblePOS\Content\AutoBackup)   


– The next window under System Access is that of “Time Clock”. This section allows you in managing your employee shift hours efficiently.

In “Reason Codes For Breaks” section, there are two buttons like “Add Reason Code” and “Delete Reason Code”.  “Add Reason Code” button allows to add reason code and paid status. To delete previously added reason code and paid status, you have to select entire row and click on “Delete Reason Code”. Paid status determines whether or not breaks are remunerable.

– Click on “Update” the changes that you have made and they will be implemented for the store systems.


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